Doctoral Studies Page

This area of my website has been created to showcase my current work in the Curriculum and Instruction Program at the University of Toledo. I am in my third year of course work, with a primary focus on Educational Media. This Fall, I am currently taking Quantitative Methods II and Research Design.

Quantitative Methods II:

Research Design:

Completed Courses for the PhD in Curriculum and Instruction include:

  • ETPT 7000 Introduction to Educational Technology
  • ETPT 7210 Introduction to Multimedia and Web Design
  • ETPT 7100 Instructional Systems Design Principles
  • ETPT 7550 Using the Internet in the Classroom
  • ETPT 8300 Technology Management in K-16 Education
  • ETPT 8510 Teaching and Learning at a Distance
  • CI 8700 Professional Semninar I - Introduction to Scholarship
  • RESM 8220 Measurement I
  • CI 8710 Professional Seminar II - Theory and Research in Teacher Education
  • RESM 7330 Qualitative Research I: Introduction to Basic Methods
  • CI 8720 Professional Seminar III - Theory and Research
  • RESM 5110 Qualitiative Methods I





My academic Plan currently is set as the following. . .

Completed Doctoral Coursework : July 2015
Doctotral Candidate Committee: August 2015
Comphensive Exams: September 2015
ID Disseratation Committee: November 2015
Dissertation Proposal: December 2015
Oral Defense: January 2016
IRB Approval: March 2016
Data Collection: Spring Semester 2016
Data Analyzed: Fall Semester 2017
Dissertation Defense: March 2017
Revisions Completed: May 2017